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Thread: Tangent Element Tk - Colorgrading control surface

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    Default Tangent Element Tk - Colorgrading control surface

    Hey people,

    I just wanted to share my experience with the Tangent Element Series - or more specific - the Tangent Element Tk (the trackball element). I use Davinci Resolve on a daily basis, and when I started colorgrading, I found it very frustrating using the mouse for correction and enhancement. Especially when doing primary grading and colormatching. The mouse simply couldn't do the trick. I started looking around for solutions that wouldn't ruin me completely, and fell across both Tangent Element and Tangent Wave. I ended up choosing just the Element Tk, because of the ability to upgrade the Control Surface in a later stage, and not limiting my options for control.

    I started with the trackball element, because this was exactly the tools I needed to begin with. The colorwheels in Davinci are simply too responsive with the mouse. I definatly will be getting other elements as soon as possible

    You can read my full Review of the control surface Tangent Element Tk here (remember to press the little british flag for english version - unless you want to read it in danish )


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    Nice write up! Gotta love Google Translate lol. Did you update your DaVinci to 11?

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