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Thread: How to do these effects?

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    Default How to do these effects?

    Hello guys, does any of you know how to do these effects to videos?

    One you can see here at the beginning, It's like white ellipse shape on dark background and it applied to whole video. How can I do this, which software should I use?

    One is this one, the video is kind of shaking from upper and downer parts in some parts of video.

    You see at the beginning there are some text on the upper part of video and it moves, how do I do that?

    Anyone who knows how to do these things/via which softwares,etc. please post it, I can find out how to do it If I know which software to use

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    These are both very simple basic techniques that any good software can do.

    The first one is a simple vignette applied with a fairy hard edge.

    Text that moves can be done with keyframes or can be done with options like wiggle in after effects.

    Lots of people come asking about which software does this or that as if merely buying that software will solve everything, but in the end most good software can do it, you just need to learn how to use the software and 'that' is what takes the time and effort.

    The problem is that most people are also dabbling with the cheap / free software that is not designed to do it. If you want to get the extra features you'll need to spend the extra money on software like:

    Sony Vegas
    Adobe Premiere Pro / After Effects / CS6 / CC
    Final Cut Pro X

    ....and many more.

    One FREE option is the new Davinci Resolve 11 Lite. It can edit, do all the colour grading you want, but it's not something you're likely to 'pick-up' how to use by mousing around. Investing in a good training course would be well worth it.
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    @David Partington Thank you a lot!! I already had Sony Vegas and I know this vignette (cookie cutter effect) but if you look up to the first video it kind of looks like ellipse shape is filled with white and surrounded by black. I can do black surrounding but I can't make it white inside, or at least I couldn't find how to do it. There's a color panel but no matter what color I choose from there, It just doesn't affect anything.

    Can you also look for this one and maybe you can tell me what kind of effects are used in this one?

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    David is a Mac man so won't mind me picking up the ball with the Vegas question.

    Create a video track above your main video track.
    Insert generated media and select Color Gradient
    Change the Gradient Type to Elliptical and move the points around to suit (the default colours will be black and white already)
    Stretch this event to match the length of your main video.
    Reduce the opacity of this gradient fill event so your main video shows through.

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