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Thread: 10 Hour Video for Youtube

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    Default 10 Hour Video for Youtube

    Hello guys,I am all new to the forum!
    I want your help about making a 10-hour-video and uploading it to youtube!
    I tried making it with mkvmerge from a video about 5 seconds and i made it to 10 hours in less than 5 minutes!
    When i tried uploading it to youtube,it did uploaded after 7 hours but then it stack at 95% editing by youtube!
    What can i do?Should i convert it to something else other than matroska?To mp4 for example?
    If anyone knows anything about 10-hours-video i would be happy to be told so!

    Also i tried mp4joiner but it is too slow!If it needs to convert it to mp4 to be uploaded please suggest a fast converter for windows and/or mac!
    And is windows movie maker faster from sony vegas or cyberling powerdirector or Corel Videostudio X6 for this job?

    Last if you know any other mp4 joiner or a trick about uploading a 10-hour-video just say it!

    Thanks in advance!And sorry for the amount of questions!

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    YouTube prefers mp4

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    Why do you want to upload 10 hours of video to YouTube? Do you expect someone to sit and watch for 10 hours? Most people split these in to smaller sections.

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    Have you watched the Nyan Cat from Techn1ppe?
    I want to know how did he render it and upload it in order to do the same!

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    Given the number of views I can see why you may want to do it (for the revenue), but forgive me, why would anyone watch this for 10 hours?

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    If it has a good content,then it would be a great loop!Nobody watches it to the end but clicks on it!Thanks in advance!

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