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Thread: La Jolla Cove, CA Scuba

  1. Default La Jolla Cove, CA Scuba

    Diving La Jolla Cove:

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    Looks like you just came here to promote your YouTube channel.

    Did you have anything else to add?

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    You obviously didn't read the paragraph describing this forum. Yes that's exactly what I'm doing.

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    You obviously didn't read David Partington's question or are just impolite by just not answering it.

    Concerning the video I would appreciate some kind of story telling (getting ready, jump into water, way back, ...) instead of just fishes under water.

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    XXLRay's comment applies to all these videos. You've got some quite good shots here and in the others, but it is not enough to sustain a video for more than a few seconds. When others have been to the same places with similar equipment (which is not expensive nowadays), some will take better shots and some will take lesser shots, but there is nothing to distinguish yours.
    The way to make yours different and to keep the viewer engaged is to tell a story with your video, whether that's a straightforward documentary with a voiceover, a "how to", a vlog, or a series of clips edited together (perhaps over music) in a fitting way as to tell a story. Even if a few hundred people do the same about the same location, no two stories will be the same.

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    I'm not sure what the deal is here. I post videos for people who may want to watch them. I'm here to post links to my youtube channel where they are located. No I do have anything to give to the community unless I can answer questions about gear or other video related questions. And I'm not sure what else you need in this video. It's a short clip of diving at La Jolla Cove. Not sure what else is needed there. I chose not to show me getting ready because one, it's boring, that's not what I want to see when watching other l peoples videos and because this is my video and I edited it in the way I chose to.

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    Well - the forum description you pointed to also contained the following lines: "By posting your work here you agree to have your work subject to constructive critism"

    That's what you received - constructive criticism.

    Concerning your link dropping - it's always good practice to give the community something back (e.g. by giving constructive criticism to other videos here) if you take from it ...

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