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Thread: .AVI files and Nero

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    Default .AVI files and Nero

    I have been trying to burn an .avi file to DVD using Nero 6 but it won't let me, saying File format is unexpected !
    Will Nero 6 burn an AVI file to DVD?
    If so How?
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    What sort of AVI file?

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    Default AVI Files

    HI Thanks for comming back so quick.
    The file is simply (name).avi which is an edited file saved with MS Moviemaker.
    Hope this helps


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    You haven;t told us what type of disc you are trying to create. There should be zero problems creating a data DVD and drag and dropping any AVI file (that fits on the disk) onto it.

    However, if you are trying to crate a DVD video disk for play in a set top box then, no idea. I;ve never used Nero for that.

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    Default avi - nero

    that would be impossible - If you wanted to create a dvd to watch on your dvd player you'd need to convert to MPEG2 then author the dvd to be playable.

    As Alan said - If you do it as a data disc it should be fine

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