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Thread: Digital Video Editing Problem

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    Default Digital Video Editing Problem


    Digital Video Editing Problem

    First the techy stuff
    Camera: JVC Everio GZ-MD7
    Computer OS: Windows Vista.
    Editing Software: Pinnacle Studio 15 or Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD

    Problem: When I take video and review it on the camera’s LCD screen the result is in sharp focus very good definition and colour. I download (usually copy and paste from camera to a ‘Video’ folder on my hard drive). I then import it into one of my editing programs. Again on the small preview screen focus, definition and colour are excellent. I then edit as necessary, add titles and music and write to DVD. Viewed on my large screen digital TV the result on DVD is good.
    BUT...and here’s the problem….if I save the video to a computer file on my hard disk, as either a DV-AVI or MPEG4 file, when viewed on a computer screen the result is pathetic. It looks out of focus with no definition and muted colours.
    Where am I going wrong ?What is the very best video file format ?
    Please keep any answers as simple as possible. I’m no computer geek !
    Best Wishes
    Tony Volante

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    What bit rate are you using when saving as a computer file? If you try to use too low a bit rate (to keep the file size down) then things go to hell pretty quickly.

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    As I said, I'm no computer geek. What's a 'Bit Rate', where do I find it, how do I set it and what do i set it at for the absolute best video ?

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