Recently I've been having a few recourring problems when trying to edit footage I captured on my Canon 600D on Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

The footage shot on the Canon is 1920x1080 at 24fps, when I create a setup preset for these settings in Premiere the clips appear to import absolutely fine. The setup Ive created is shown in the screenshot below.

The problems start when I place the clip on the sequence and render it, once the clip renders the playback in the program/timeline preview window goes all weird and doesn't play the clip properly. Shown in the screenshot below.

First of all I thought this might just be a playback error but when I try to export it as a video file it says error and closes down. This is extremely irratating so i wondered if anyone would be able to offer me a soloution. I have a feeling it may be my setup preset but if so would someone be able to tell me the correct way to set it up for a canon 600d camera because whenever I try a preset found within premiere it exports the video at 720 resolution and very low quality.

Thanks very much for whoever replies, I appreciate it very much