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    Default Minor menu problem

    Hi all, I just found this site and thought I'd ask the question, since its been bugging me for a while.

    I am currently using InterVideo WinDVD Creator2 to capture/burn/author movies. I have used DVD MovieFactory2 in the past also.

    My problem is, (well its abit of an irritation really) when I author the movie, in both the apps above, I cant just display the menu. I have to display a menu first showing that there is a menu (God... I hope you understand that last bit)

    What I'm looking for is a proggie that, when DVD is placed in standalone it will automatically display menu. Not a screen with a Play button and a Menu button when pressed leads you to the menu.

    Thanks for you help in advance..........

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    I use DVD MovieFactory as well. I agree that it is a complette nuisance to have to display that default menu. Unfortunately there is no way round it.

    Certainly the problem is overcome with Ulead DVD Workshop, although this is a bit more expensive.

    No doubt other contributors will be able to advise of thei experience with DVD Authoring software.

    I'll keep looking and post again if I find anything else.

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    My prefered DVD authoring app is Sonic DVDit and it does exactly what you want...
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    Hi guys, thanks for the replies...

    you mentioned Sonic DVDit, How advanced is this to use? I am pretty much new to authoring. Although money isnt really a problem, I dont want to be forking out a bucket full of pennies only to find out I cant get my head around it.

    I havent tried Workshop, because after having used MovieFactory and Videostudio6 (which I forgot to mention before) I was told by a friend to ditch the Ulead proggies, although they did the job just fine WinDVD Creator kicked their ass speedwise. This I have found to be very true, its a hell of a lot faster. So I dont want to go down the Ulead route.

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    I think u'll be suitably impressed with DVDit - nice and simple. If money's no object, opt for - never used it, but it's been well recieved and has a free trial (as do all ulead apps!)
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