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Thread: Motorcycle trip through Europe>Turkey under 900- review please

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    Default Motorcycle trip through Europe>Turkey under 900- review please

    I made a film of a bike trip through Europe heading to Turkey with a new biker with 1 eye named "sniper".( it covers the challenges we faced!)
    I have posed a question in "buying advice & filming on the cheap" section

    I am looking to improve upon this video & would welcome any feedback in any direction ie Youtube/Vimeo, sequences, storyline here to learn & hopefully then give back!
    I am aware & plan to rectify
    1.The HD- it was shot at too low a resolution
    2.The overall sound quality
    3.The characters!

    I have set the film off 1/2 way through to give a flavour

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    The cross hair was a nice animation but had nearly no sense as reference points were missing. All I got was that you were somewhere near the middle of Bulgaria. Replace the writing on the map by clear letters - probably greyed out.
    At 1:07 you had a 4:3 still. I would have either cropped it or filled the black bars with a blurred version.
    At 1:47 you repeat a still that was there before. It works very well here but I would have removed the previous one. Similar in the following.
    Some pans are a bit shaky. Next time think about using your tripod as improvised shoulder cam.
    The sound quality was fine for my taste and I liked the sound effects.
    Your head was cut off at 3:50. Similar sniper's head at 6:00.
    The shot at 4:50 would have been better as video (if you had the choice).
    The cut at 8:45 was harsh.
    Overall I liked the video and found it interesting.

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    XXLRay- all extremely valid points!- thank you. The location titles were placed ontop of the map- but again your thought to "grey out" with a suitable background would have emphasised away from the map...I too cringe at the "harsh" cut...I had lost the will to live at this point- i'm ashamed of it! - Thank you
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    You don't sound like you're from York Rod.

    I liked the video in general. I think the editing could do with a general tidying up. Things like cutting as you exit the lift rather than seeing the wobbly camera work. To many back & forth of the photo inside the building of then and now. That sort of thing. I like the mix of voice over and pieces to camera so keeping that sort of thing in the piece is a good idea. I thought you came over well with the voice over but this could have been recorded a little better and would have added a bit of polish to the piece. I like the narrative you gave the piece with plenty of light hearted humour around the interesting facts about the places you visited.

    I think in general you just need a bit more practise and you will naturally improve as you go along. You seem to have a lot of the basics in already. Having a way of doing smooth pans might be a good thing to ponder over for your next piece.

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    I promise you im from York- innit!(ep1 tells you who I am & you can google the company I work for)
    General tidying up..Absolutely right!...I spent 05 months on it & would appreciate spending less time editing!
    Wobbly...appreciate that & will sort!
    Voice over...PANTS!- you are absolutely correct...I hope to get that sorted next time( recorder sourced)
    Smooth pans...God help me!( I cringe when I see some of them!) practicing...but I need better equipment!...& better knowledge...I thought the Colditz pan was ok ( general)

    Please do give me pointers/ can see I need it!
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    I broadly agree with the comments of XXLRay (although I thought some of the less than perfect framing added to the "personal" feeling of the piece - I wonder if you upgrade to "better" equipment some of this might be lost?) and I agree entirely with Midnight.

    Your voice and delivery are great. Your script would have been considered "modern" in style among the film making clubs 10 years ago and it really appeals to me. I do wonder whether this type of script will "date" the piece as an accompaniment to this sort of film. Somewhere between the more formal BBC style of narration of (say) Attenborough and the post rap style of the current generation of "vloggers". Not a criticism - as I say, it appeals to me and it's the sort of style I have tried to emulate.

    I like the way you have mixed different types of shots - how you've thought about where to position the camera when self shooting with due consideration to the follow up shots (0:56 and following shot being a good example)

    I'd go a little further than suggest "tidying up" with the editing. I think you really have to be brutal with some of this. After 0:51 we have two full minutes of shots of Buzludza without any explanation and (as Midnight says) lots of cuts between stills from the past and stills from today in B&W and video. I suspect this took a while to edit, but I was left wondering what this place was for far too long. 30 secs would be more than enough to enable the atmosphere to sink in. There were one or two other examples (though nothing anywhere near as long) where serious editing would help improve the film quite considerably.

    However, apart from feeling a sense of frustration that you didn't get on with it after 60 secs of Buzludza, I found the film really engaging. The quality of the video became irrelevant after a while. The audio, if not perfect, was certainly good enough and, even though we'd joined half way through your trip, your shots and story telling created an empathy with you and sniper.

    One thing that no-one else has mentioned but which was the icing on the cake for me was the soundtrack. Constant changes of background music helped add variety and it always enhanced the imaged in an appropriate way. Credit also for getting the levels right - it never interfered with the voiceover and just sat there, almost unnoticed, gently enhancing the images. Clearly a lot of thought had gone into this.
    I hope to make time to watch the rest of the series.

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    OK Rod, i made time to watch the rest. My comment about the need for more drastic editing only applied to the 2 min section in this particular video, the others could just do with a bit of trimming as Midnight suggests.
    I really enjoyed watching the whole series. Love the commentary - and the more personal the comments, the more enjoyable the video.
    Looking forward o your next venture.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Tim- thank you for your critical eye & honesty in delivery!
    I again totally agree with the excessive length of sequence(buzludza) and also the intro to "sniper"- went on far too long, but in my defence..without this laborious intro to him- I would never have been able to get across his character!

    when do you stop "polishing a turd & instead start rolling it in glitter" encompasses my thought process...the editing took an age!-and ashamedly I drew a line under it and released it-

    I believe that improving my camera kit/techniques and delivery of voice over will make for a better film next time- without detracting from the amateur/anyone can do this ethos I am trying to promote.

    I chose royalty free music and specifically tried to avoid the AC/DC style heavy metal genre in an attempt to attract non bikers...although I was constantly at odds with how much "motorcycling & maintenance"- do I keep in to retain my perceived core audience.

    The lighthearted voice over starts off very staccato- another area I am not happy with...I hope I can improve on this next time. I am comfortable with the mix of historical content & humour though after ep03...although I can see the parallel you are making with "vlogging"- I suppose its a first persons view of what is unfolding.

    Thank you for taking the time not just to watch the film and comment, but also for your help and advice with selection of kit to improve upon. You will have guessed by now this is a steep learning curve for me and your sage advice (and others!)is invaluable, as is this forum (I find myself trawling through post after post)

    I welcome any pointers not covered above from anyone...anything! mistakes need not be yours!!!!

    Tim thank you!
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