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Thread: What am I doing wrong?? render

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    Default What am I doing wrong?? render

    Geetings, I am new to this thread and happy to find it. I have been editing video for quite sometime, however something has alwayed puzzled me.

    Vegas takes so long to render it is silly... What am I doing wrong??
    I have built one of the the best computers money can buy... Yet still
    Vegas still takes hours for the smallest simple renders.

    I must not be getting something because there is no way anyone would even use Vegas when they can render with Premier in a fraction of the time.

    Everything I do goes straight to DVD, Is there something I am missing?
    I prefer using Vegas but 1.5 hours for a ten minute video with no edits is crazy. Please someone tell me what I am doing wrong.

    Thanks... Drew

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    Default Slow Vegas

    HEy dude - That does sound wrong - way wrong. I'm running a very fast system too and Vegas does sometimes tend to take a while - longer than I'd prefer but nowhere as bad as you are describing.
    In order to be clearer list of the steps you take when doing a render and give me a machine spec on your pc. - May be able to pinpoint something you're doing wrong

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