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Thread: Little project for a friend

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    My friend Albert wanted me to edit these clips together just for fun. please check it out and criticize it. thanks.

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    Good opening shot. Shame you didn't have a good closing shot - the film just suddenly ended like you'd run out of footage - a feeling enhanced bu the fact the music continued over black later.
    Good trimming (everything we saw on the screen was relevant)
    I believe I detected some obscenities in the music track which will limit your audience. The music was also rather plodding and thus reduced rather than enhanced the excitement of the video.
    Some shots were imaginative - I liked the shot at 0:25 and the one following (even though it wasn't a "concluding" shot) - but I suspect these were as much by luck than planning as so many of the shots had the talent's head coming into view then going out again. Either show him or don't.
    The VFX added nothing other than the feeling you'd tried to make up for lack of excitement.
    I suspect you had very little footage and I think you've done a reasonable job with what you had.

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