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    Default Robert Rodriguez about film making

    Has anybody already seen this video about Robert Rodriguez (Mariachi) explaining how films should be made in his eyes?

    Very inspiring but I totally disagree with his advise to shoot hand held. I think for others it's just an excuse to come up with shaky movies like Cloverfield

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    Rodriguez has always had interesting approach to filmmaking. The man is essentially one man film crew and everything he can do himself he does. One might think it slows down the process, but instead he seems to have reputation as someone who shoots his films in timely fashion and gets them done fast. This combined with his tendency to create things cheaply makes him fine rolemodel for those who have very little.

    "Shaky cam" is something I have never really understood, but being handheld does not necessarily translate directly to that result. To my surprise I've found that I shoot handheld more and more, only using tripods for VFX shots, static shots or when someone else is operating the camera. I hope that sentence didn't give all professional camera operators nightmares. Part of the reason might be the places we shoot in, which tend to be somewhat challenging or debris filled. Harder to set a tripod for a good shot.

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    There is nothing wrong in using a shoulder cam (or a tripod on your shoulder as low budget version). This already produces enough shakiness when you need it in my eyes. Probably that's what he means when he talks about getting the camera off the tripod. Filming with bare hands looks earth quake like when I do it (at least with lenses that don't have stabilization).

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