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Thread: let web users create a customised video

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    Default let web users create a customised video


    I am just doing some research for a project and I am stuck with one thing and hope that someone will have some thoughts or ideas on how this would be possible.

    So the idea is to have a website where you can go to, enter your name and select a number of options. Then when you click a button you will go to a page where a video plays customised with the options that you have chosen.

    So my thoughts were that each option could be simply represent a short video clip. That way I can merge the videos via php ( web programming language ).

    The problem that I don't know how to do is the name. The name should show up on a couple of places. One of the places is a banner at the bottom. where text is running through like on news sites.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to do those kind of customisations?

    Other places where I have seen video customisations are

    So it must be possible somehow to do this.

    Anyone ideas?

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    You would probably use ffmpeg, for example

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    Or overlay video with text, using HTML5.

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