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    An experimental action film about a young girl who is kidnapped and her boyfriend hires agents to track her down. Main emphasis here is on fighting but we obviously paid close attention to the filmmaking too. Comments and critique much appreciated as always. Thank you.

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    One minute for showing a hostage laying on the ground is way to long as an opening for my taste.
    I didn't get the dodge angles at 2:35 and 8:40.
    The sequence at 4:00 was too long.
    At 5:45 the guy gets up too easy after being knocked out.
    The punches sound too unrealistic.
    Have you actually experience in martial arts? The guys at 6:00 look as if they don't have a stable stand. Sometimes there was only little to no reaction on hits.
    For which reason is the guy in the background posing at 06:50?
    The overall fight choreography and cuts were fine though. It would have been cool to see two different styles fight against each other e.g. the stereotype of the musclebound boxer versus a more athletic person.
    13:00 is too long.
    At least some words (commands, shouts, ... - something like "Lets go", "Get her", "I am back", "Anything new?" ...) would have been nice. The way it's now you have a lot of starring to overcome the lack of words.
    I think it was a fair attempt to come up with a story line but there is room for improvement.

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    I agree with the above.

    I would also add that for realism, the girl would have been gagged.

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