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Thread: Festival Aftermovie in 4K Definition (first post)

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    Default Festival Aftermovie in 4K Definition (first post)


    I want to share my video. I only spent 38h to make it.
    But i think than i don't usually take the good sequences with the music.
    Can you tell me what I should improve?
    Thank you for your attention

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    Great footage. Did you film it?
    I was wondering if this was a festival just for girls and if the only male attendees were on the stage.
    Personally I didn't like the flare effect starting about 1:50 so much.
    The lighting of the shot at 3:00 is completely odd compared to the surrounding sequences.
    The footage get repetitive from then on. I would have prefered a switch to night footage at that point.
    For me the rectangle effect at 4:00 did not work. Probably try softer edges.
    The switch to calm at 4:20 is very harsh. I guess it was a different day and apparently a different location. Probably make this obvious by displaying a date.

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    Thank you for this very thorough analysis.

    No I have not filmed these sequences but I know the cameraman
    It seemed to me also that I should not have put the flares.
    I also agree that it's a bit "amateur" the fourth of white that I put then.

    So I should go slower in my editing.
    I Should had better choose my sequences at times.

    Ok. Thanks for putting me on the right track

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