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Thread: what can i do to improve the next video?

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    Smile what can i do to improve the next video?

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    Clearly lots of people having great fun, but it wasn't clear to me who the video was made for or who the target audience was.

    The colour was hit and miss throughout. I know that some days / locations are better than others but some shots could do with some added colour saturation to make them mix better (e.g. 4:49 and many earlier shots).

    I'm never a fan of wobbly footage for no reason, and the was quite a lot of it (hand held). Maybe add some stabilisation to those shots. Fast moving from one subject to another while hand held is fine, but when you get there I don't like being made sea sick watching it.

    Also, there was quite a bit of focus hunting going on which was pretty distracting.

    I'd dump the super imposed fire when the guys dive in the water it just looks tacky.

    It was also quite long with no real start middle or end. So again, who is the video aimed at?

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    Generally cut it down.

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