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    Hi All,

    New to this forum, went to a wedding last week and noticed the official wedding videographer was using a very compact set up.

    He was using a Lumix GH3, my question is im interested in starting out and loved how small this thing was. If anyone could give me any recommendations on the rest of the gear i would need (good and affordable that would be great).

    I presume i would need a good additional mic and any recommendations on wireless mic setups ? would probably need 2 wireless remote mics aswell.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks

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    Weddings can be done with a wide range of gear, so there is no right or wrong answer in terms of what you can shoot them with.

    Some people make awesome videos using handycam style cameras (smaller than the GH3), others use DSLRs (GH3 falls in to this class even though it's not technically a DSLR), others use larger video cameras and then at the high end you're in to C100/C300/Red.

    There is also a move towards 4K for capture (not delivery) with the recent launch of several cameras like the Sony AX100 and Panasonic GH4 (which superseded the GH3), but you need a relatively beefy computer to edit this stuff.

    However, filming a wedding (or any other live event) with a single camera, especially one with recording time limitations) is not for the faint hearted. It can of course be done, but having a second camera to cover you when you need to do your moves makes the whole thing much easier. Having 3 or 4 angles even easier (overall). Being able to edit between the angles makes the film so much nicer to watch unless you are super skilled in capture and edit.

    In terms of other gear:

    • Audio - this is the biggest thing most new film makers miss. Audio is AT-LEAST half of video. You have have totally awesome video but if the sound is bad people will turn off. Get the audio right and they will forgive the odd camera mistake. Take a look at all the various audio recorders around. Sony, Tascam, Zoom etc. We tend to pair the DSLRs with the Tascam DR-60D and leave the Zoom H4n in the bag now, but lots of people still use the Zoom H4n or H6 recorders.

    • Lighting - not used all the time (in fact we rarely use except for first dance), but if you're in a really dark venue then you may need it for speeches & first dance.

    • Extra batteries and memory cards - take a LOT more than you think you'll need - we used to come home with around 10 hours of footage from the average wedding (between all cameras) so batteries and cards for 10 hours was our absolute minimum - we'd have enough for 15 -20 hours with us on any typical shoot.

    • Backup equipment. What if your camera fails at an important time ? It happens. It can happen on your 10th shoot or it could happen on your very first. The Bride & Groom should be totally unaware this even happened because all you did was reach in to your bag, pull out the backup (of equal quality!) gear and continue.

    • Good shotgun mics

    • Good wireless mics and/or recorders with good lav mics too. Not everyone likes wireless due to possible interference problems (particularly from iPhones) but we typically use a mixture of wired and wireless so we're covered in any event.

    Then you will need extra hard disks since when you get home from the shoot you need to make at least two copies and preferably three.

    Then think about how you would archive it all once complete. Imagine you're up to 30-40 weddings a year and you're producing 200-300GB of footage each wedding. What will you keep, what will you archive?

    Now, having said all this, the GH3 is a great camera, but perhaps not the absolute best. I have the GH4 (which replaced the GH3 and can also shoot 4K). It's not anywhere near as good as my 5D3 in low light, never mind the C100 which beats both of them. OTOH, the GH3 is sharper than the Canon DSLRs for video, though it still suffers from moiré and aliasing.

    The other problem with micro four thirds cameras is the it's hard to get both wide and fast lenses. There are quite a few wide, but they are f4. There are quite a few fast (f1.2 and f1.7) but they are not very wide, so you have to figure out what your shooting style is going to be before committing to an M43 camera. If it suits your style then the small size and weight are awesome. If you like to shoot wide then a full frame camera (6D, 5D3 or new Sony A7s) may suit you better.

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    Wow thankyou David, wasnt expecting such a detailed response. Thankyou very much for taking the time to explain everything , its much apprecaited.

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