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Thread: Full length BMX and skateboarding video almost complete!

  1. Default Full length BMX and skateboarding video almost complete!

    Weve been filming for months on end for our new video coming out, so I decided to make a little preview. There isnt really any riding but this portrays the editing style that will take place. Edited by myself. Any comments/criticism are widely accepted!

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    Some of the (natural) lighting conditions don't look superb. When watching a skate/BMX film I would rather expect sun and blue sky.

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    Uuum the lighting might be due to the fact its filmed on a gopro and nikon d3100. not the best cameras for that. Alot of the filming is being done really late at night though so there wont be a whole lot of natural light. I will be getting a sony dcr vx2100 soon, so maybe that will help with lighting.

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    What I meant is that the sky is cloudy. It can of course add to the look of a film but needs to be taken into consideration. In the trailer it looks odd to me but that may be just a personal thing.

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