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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm a newbie and first time poster. I'm very glad to be joining you!

    Here's my situation. I've very recently gotten into multi-track recording (16 track .wav files) and multi-camera filming (5-10 Flip cams, 720p, .mp4) of my band's live performances. I set up all the gear at the shows, press the record buttons on the audio interface and cameras, then take it all home, download audio tracks and video to my computer (Dell XPS 8500, core I7, 8 GB ram) and do the mixing and editing.

    I use Sony Vegas Pro 13 using the multi-camera editing feature and then change takes, do pans and zooms, add effects, etc.

    It started all great but as my edits got more complex and I added supplemental video tracks, I started getting more and more crashes. My last edit crashes on and off at different places during the preview. During the rendering, it crashes at the same point every time (a masking effect).

    I went to another computer (HP laptop, core I7, 16 GB ram) which doesn't crash (yet!) but during preview messes up some effects in the middle of the clip and during rendering, messes up some of the effects at the beginning of the clip.

    For GPU's, both machines are using the low end side of the high end.

    I believe I need a much better machine for not only were I am right now but for far more complex things I may eventually be doing.

    As a mostly long time Dell customer, I'm looking at the Precision T7610. The configurations can go anywhere from a couple of thousand to twenty grand so I don't know what to do. How high end the CPU's? How high end the GPU's? Do I get dual of either? Ram is cheap. Is 64 plenty enough? Should I get 10,000 rpm hard drives. Will Vegas Pro 13 be able to take full advantage of the Quadro cards offered with the Precision? etc. etc. etc.

    I have money to spend but not to waste. Not interested in doing my own build.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks so much!
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    Is there probably a software update that gets you rid of crashes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    Is there probably a software update that gets you rid of crashes?
    Not likely. The two downloads are 2 months old and 1 month old respectively.

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    Hi Jeff,

    That's some pretty serious stuff you've got going on there. 5-10 tracks of mp4 running concurrently with pans and zooms is pretty tough on the old PC - mp4 isn't really an editing codec - it's a deliver one so you may well do better to transcode first. Your question is possibly best asked in the Sony Creative Software Vegas forums where there are plenty of people doing multicam shots like this for a living. Apart from recommending you trascode, I suspect that for rock solid systems they'll be recommending Dual Xeon processors (rather than i7) and ECC RAM (as the 7610 has) though they tend to go for HP over Dell. There's also been an interesting discussion there recently about how (little) the hard drive performance affects video editing and rendering performance as it's generally much faster than the processing can handle. One thing, have your source footage on a separate drive (or even better drives) than your rendered output.

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    Thanks. I'll check out the Vegas threads. Can you explain why I should convert files to a different CODEC? I've been editing the .mp4 files and rendering to .wmv.

    Btw, here are a few examples in case it affects your thoughts about this. Frankly, the crashing and problems getting the effects to render properly has been driving me nuts. These eventually rendered ok but I have more complex things that won't. Thanks again for any help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    mp4 isn't really an editing codec
    I think that is the main problem

    you need to talk to somebody about your workflow

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    mp4 is usually highly compressed and need lots of processing power for decoding. I can't recommend something else du a lack of experience though.

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