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    Hi everyone. Sorry if this has been done to death but I would like some advice on purchasing a cheap video camera. I am looking at spending 300 MAX so quite limited.

    I will be using the camera to shoot blog style films while I'm fishing but I quite like to get lots of scenic shots etc. so it could do with a fairly good battery life (although I will buy spare) and be fairly good in low light. I would really like it to have a light but can't see any in this budget with that feature?

    These are what I've liked the look of so far but I really don't know a lot so I am very unsure

    Sony CX240E

    Samsung F90

    Panasonic HC-V130EB-K/R
    Or. HC-V250EB-K

    Canon Legria HF R506

    Any advice on any of these or further/better options would be very very much appreciated. Thanks. Ben

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    My opinion is that you better invest in good lighting than in a fancy camera. 1k Watt lights from home improvement stores will already suffice. Doing so you already get rid of your low lighting requirement.

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    That's a good point thanks. But I will be filming outdoors while fishing so will have no access to electricity ect

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    Of those I'd go for the Panasonic HC-V250EB-K for a couple of reasons. One is it does 50p. You may not consider that important now, but if you ever want to do slo-mo then that's quite handy. Next is it has WiFi / NFC so the chance are you'll be able control the camera remotely from your phone, handy not just for remote control as such, but if you're blogging you can start stop without having to get up.

    After that it's a toss up between the other Panasonic, the Sony and the Canon. Personally I've found the Samsung products to be too noisy in low light and far too saturated in the colours.

    For a cheap for good light look on Ebay for the Yongnuo YN-300 (40-45) and get a cheap (3rd party) NPF970 battery (about 14) and a charger (about 8 ). The NPf970 lasts about 2.5 hours on full power on that light. The YN-160 isn't that much cheaper but if you're really tight on budget it's another option.

    Don't forget to look at the cost a couple of cards and maybe an extra (3rd party?) battery.

    DON'T BUY CARDS FROM EBAY !!!!! I typically get cards from Amazon or some other reputable dealer. Ebay cards are often Chinese counterfeits that don't work and you can't send them back because it costs more to post (with online tracking - required by PayPal) than the money you'd get back.

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    That's brilliant thanks a lot! The slow mo point is very valid as I've done a bit of that on a waterfall and having me cast in slow mo would also look quite good I think so cheers for that. The remote thing also would be brilliant as when I have a fish I don't want to be walking to and from the camera for the safety of the fish. I'll certainly look into the lighting and would definitely need a spare battery or two.

    Cheers for the warning about the cards, I've heard similar before. What's the best size card to get do you think? I'll probably be filming anywhere between 2-4 hours maybe more considering how long I'm fishing for? Once again thanks for the tips. Very good advice

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    Ten years ago everyone was saying stick to 256MB cards, then it was 512MB, then 1GB and 2GB and don't ever trust an 8GB card. Wow how things have changed.

    While I have some 16GB cards they are all being retired one by one. The vast majority of my cards are currently 32GB but now I'm not buying anything less than 64GB in compact flash or regular SD cards. Micro SD I'm still buying 16GB and 32GB due to camera card limitations.

    32GB should get you about 4 or 5 hours of recording in 1080/25p and less at 50p (depending on what bit rate the camera uses).

    I've tended to stick with Transcend because with more than a 1TB of (genuine) Transcend cards and never once had a problem in any of the cameras or readers I have.

    Other people recommend Sandisk and Lexar, or Delkin etc. All the reputable names work well as long as you get them from reputable dealers

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    If your budget isn't super tight I don't see a reason against buying the biggest card your camera supports.

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    Thanks guys great advice one again. Much appreciated.

    One point I have about the cameras. I have since noticed after further research that the cameras I listed above don't accommodate a mic input or have an accessory shoe fitting. Will it be nigh on impossible to have these features with my budget? Cheers. Ben

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    The reason I'm thinking about the accessory shoe is where lighting is concerned. As the lights mentioned previously can mount onto the top of the camera. What other way could I have these lights? Would it need to be on a seperate tripod maybe? Trouble is I don't want to be carrying around lots of equipment as I have enough to carry with all the fishing gear

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