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Thread: I am so new I don't even know how to call this effect

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    Default I am so new I don't even know how to call this effect

    Hey guys!
    I work a lot with computers, I am into image editing, music production, audio editing, coding [...].
    Unfortunately, I have no clue about video editing at all, as it wasn't really necessary for me to deal with so far. Now, as I am going to release a new app, I need to get some video fx done (so now I got to the point, where I have to learn about this TOO >.<).

    The effects I am talking about can be seen several times in this video, for example at 0:10

    To be specific, I want to know how much effort it takes to
    1) make a PiP-like rectangle that looks like there was a display behind the controllers (best visible at 0:18-0:23)
    2) create an automation to achieve this "buttons-flying-up-high"-effect (the pink and cyan rectangles at 0:12)

    I already have the video material that is going to be inserted
    1] is only a screencast of a certain area in an application [one-coloured solid background so I can easily set an alpha channel for transparency]
    2] are buttons that I created in Photoshop

    This post sounds probably very weird atm but please ask me questions so I can make this request more complete.

    I know that there is no one-click solution to render all that within 5 minutes, and I'll probably need to learn a lot before I can get to see satisfying results but so far I don't even know what to search for.

    Available hardware: mid-end Microsoft Desktop and a MacBookAir

    I am willing to pay for every software if it can offer what I need in this particular case.

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    The two pieces of software that I would normally turn to for this are:

    After Effects (windows and mac - subscription only to Adobe)
    Motion - Apple App Store for about $50.

    Both can do motion tracking, which is what you need to track the desk movement and match the move of the over lay and both can easily composite and animate the extra button information (again tracking the desk).

    Once you know these apps then this is something that would be quite quick / easy to do, but neither are going to be learned instantly. There are lots of tutorials out there for both.

    You will need your overlays saved with an alpha channel (transparent background). PNG, TIFF, PSD etc can do this. JPEG cannot.

    Alternatively most (paid for) video editing apps can also composite well enough and you may be able to keyframe those positions well enough to make it look real without having to track the background. It's more laborious work, but can be done.

    Example software includes:

    Sony Vegas (Windows only)
    Premiere Pro (Windows and Mac)
    FCPX (Mac only).

    There will be others but these are the most popular.

    Are you only doing this once, or are you going to be doing this many times? It may be worth just getting someone local to do it for you (even if you have to pay them) if you only need it doing once.

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    Thanks so much for your answer!
    Can you provide any good links from where I should start off? (or terms to search for?)

    I forgot one important thing to mention I do not need motion tracking, the video source is static
    stupid me >.<

    And thanks for the idea of hiring someone but I want to be as independent as possible and maybe, at one point, I can help another person having the same problem. Also it's very good to keep your brain busy ^^

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    Blender (free) can do motion tracking and render a video as well.


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