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Thread: Which software do I need?

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    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and new to editing too. I am a fisherman and I have started videoing myself fishing in a blog sort of format and posting onto YouTube. My question is as follows.

    It's hard to describe what I want to do but I will try my best. Basically while talking to the camera for example I want the video to cut to another shot (of the lake or a fish etc) and want the audio of the original clip of me talking to be running over the top and then it cuts back to me. I hope this makes sense?

    What editing software could I get/use to create this?

    P.s free or cheap software would be a huge advantage as I don't have many spare funds at the moment.

    Many thanks. Ben

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    What you are saying makes perfect sense. The shot you cut to is called a cutaway. Well done for thinking about how you do this. So many beginners would say something to camera. Cut to the shot (and sound) of the lake/fish etc then cut back to the shot to camera. This does not make for an enjoyable watch. If you look at professional documentaries filmed in such a way, you will often find only the opening and closing shots, with perhaps a little in the middle, show the speaker - most are the visuals supporting the spoken text.

    By far the most important consideration is the quality of the audio. Even if that means showing you speaking into a microphone. Please don't rely on an on-camera mic unless you are recording in a virtually sound dead room.

    Here's an example of this sort of thing I edited a few years back. the audio was captured with a tie clip mic (lavalier) - even that was far from perfect - imagine how much worse if we'd used the camera's mic. Note we rarely see the speaker, but it all flows well (I would say that, wouldn't I)

    You can do what you are trying to do with the freebies that come with Windows or OSX (Windows Movie Maker or iMovie)

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    That is absolutely perfect and is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about thank you! I watch a lot of fishing videos etc and suddenly realised these cutaways look/sound great so want to create it myself. The separate mic you are talking about, how is it connected to the camera? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I have had a little play on movie maker (what I currently use) but can't work out how to achieve these cutaways? Thanks for the advice and tips. Very very much appreciated

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    I have just watched a tutorial on good old YouTube how to do a cutaway on movie maker. Pretty simple once you know how. Can't wait to give it a try! thanks again

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