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    I had my first assignment as a press photographer at the weekend. So I made a (propaganda) slide-show, if anybody is interested.

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    I haven't watched the video yet, but I will. Won't you find it a little restricitng just photographing presses?
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    I was shooting video as well but haven't put that together yet.

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    Nice pics, Midnight! I don't think it looked much like prooganda - it showed people practicing their right to peaceful protest and the police practicing their right to earn a living upholding the law of the land (in this case by removing obstructions from the roads). It did not appear to show any real antagonism - and neither should it. The protestors argument is not with the police, but the fracking companies and policy makers. For all we know, many of the police may feel the same as the protestors.

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    Speaking as a photographer sometimes it pays to put a wide angle lens on and get right in the middle of what's going on. I know easier said than done and its nice to stay on the side and observe with a long lens (been there) but it sometimes helps tell the real story by being in it.

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    Some great shots

    not sure about the guy showing you his nipple ring

    now I know where everybody disappeared to after Woodstock

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