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Thread: How to specify the thumbnail / poster image for an mp4 video file

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    Default How to specify the thumbnail / poster image for an mp4 video file


    I have several movies in mp4 format. When copied to the (android) tablet, the thumbnails in the album folder are useless, they don't tell what video it is.

    It displays a frame from within the video that does not give much information. It is not even the first frame.

    I use Pinnacle Studio (editing) and Handbrake (conversion from mpeg to mp4).

    Is it possible to specify a frame from the video as a poster/thumbnail? Could not find that in Handbrake or Studio.

    I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks,

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    Any chance of a reply ... even a hint will do

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    Presumably it depends on the app that you use to show the vid.
    Of course, you could just give the vid a meaningful name (assuming the app you're using displays names)

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