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Thread: Widescreen TV erroneous underscan

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    Default Widescreen TV erroneous underscan

    Rigth I bought a mamoth 32" Widescreen TV on ebay a few months ago.
    It's a Daewoo so it was cheap. Now the prob I'm having with it is that the overscan is too high. It clips off too much of the screen. Its noticable on channels that have a constant ident in one of the top corners of the screen.
    Anyone anyideas on how to sort this?

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    Sounds like a case of RTFM

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    You may not like what you see should you find a means of correcting it. It's a well known means for manufacturers to overscan in order to hide defects in the geometry and power supply fluctuations. I think this is particularly the case in cheaper make TV's.

    One thing you can try is that if your DVD has an incremental zoom function you can zoom out - effectively underscanning. Just to see what it's like

    Have fun

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Just done a quick google search, which essentially backs up what Lloyd describes...

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    If you want to measure the overscan, I've put a test VCD file at

    There's PAL and NTSC types. Magix Video Edit Pro 10 came with a ready made project for this, I used it then measured my own TV, a 25" cheapy Emerson. and it was 14%/16% horizontal and 16%/18% vertical. I need to make a linearity test pattern too. I'm sure it's got a pincushion error too.
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