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Thread: Enhancing an old movie available at YT

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    Default Enhancing an old movie available at YT

    Hi guys, please try to help me here....

    According to the US laws (and wikipedia!!), any media (music, film etc) made prior to 1923 is public domain in the US. Iīm trying to get the folowing movies from the US Congress Library in a better format, but they donīt help much.... The movies were made in 1914 here in Brazil during an expedition that we retraced past months, and I wanto to insert parts of the original trips on my final product.

    I already downloaded the YT content, but itīs not really good. Do you know a way to get it better? I know that any pixel fabricated from nothing is not really worth..... but Iīm sure that some enhancement may arrive from some technique that I donīt even know about....

    HERE is a link to download the movies from the Libray....but I donīt have QuickTime PRO to save the files.... Iīm sure there must be another way, but I donīt know it!!

    Comments please.....
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    It looks like there is an MPEG format - files are pretty small though but could be ok

    the original would have been on film so you might be able to sign a copy out in person

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    Maybe use a small median filter preferably over multiple frames, sharpen it a bit and increase a contrast but only very slightly.

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