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Thread: What program do I use to accelerate the speed of video viewed?

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    Red face What program do I use to accelerate the speed of video viewed?


    I was wondering if there is free software that will increase the speed of the video, pause to a still frame for a set amount of time and be able to slow motion the video in forward or reverse?

    I am not sure if my question is understandable so I will give an example for each of the three.

    1)When editing someone walking down a hall I was hoping to cut down on file size and time length by having them walk down it at a very fast rate and slow down to normal speed when they reach the end or do an action you want to focus on. Similar as using the "Cue" button on the VCR but with adjustable speed settings or a few different presets that would meet my needs.

    2)While the video is playing I want to focus on a frame, let's say maybe a street sign, for longer than what is shown in the actual footage.

    3)Slow motion is probably understandable but an example would be to see someone fall down then on impact have it reversed to see them fall again.

    Is there a free or cheap program that can do all of that?

    Other stuff I would want to do when editing video is creating a title, adding credits at the end, removing original sound and replacing it with music or dubbing in voices and sounds, adding random arrows or being able to circle things like you see during sporting events ... cool stuff like that. Maybe editing the video to have someones head fall off and filing the area where the head once was with surrounding colors or maybe still framing a part of the video and having their mouth area move like a puppet where you can insert sounds and voice....

    I haven't begun downloading and loading programs yet but thought to have advice from someone who may know of how I can accomplish these special effects on a frugal budget. I have home videos shot at 480P to keep the file size down and my new past time would need a great community or lots of great video tutorials to show how to do things.

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    I am also wondering the same thing. Did you get an answer?

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    It's achievable in Openshot. Currently it's only available on Linux but they are working on Windows and Mac versions.

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    You can do this sort of thing in Windows - using free software - but the software concerned can have a bit of a 'learning curve'.....

    If THIS very short video clip (only about 6MB) is the sort of thing you mean, then yes, it's quite easy to do..... changing the speeds on that clip only took about 10 minutes...

    But it does mean you'd probably have to spend a bit of time learning something about AVISynth and Virtualdub .....Depends how much time you want to invest in your project?.....

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