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Thread: Recording Issue- Audio keeps skipping

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    Default Recording Issue- Audio keeps skipping

    Hey there guys. So I just started making some videos for youtube of me playing video games on my PC and I keep having an issue with my audio. I'm using a program by the name of XSplit Broadcaster to capture the gameplay footage. The program captures both the computer's audio output(what I hear from the speakers) and the audio from the microphone I am using for my commentary. The microphone isn't anything fancy, just the microphone of my $25 webcam, which I never had any issues with in the past, not the greatest sound quality, but not bad for the cost and it never cut out unless it was due to bad connection while on a video call. I recorded my first video in 720p at 30fps and set it to force constant framerate which I had assumed was what might have cause the skipping since the video was also skipping at times, so I lowered it to 25fps and didn't set it to force maintain the framerate but still got the same effect. I'm not too sure what my audio capture settings were but I will check those right now and edit the post to add them. If you would like to see what I am talking abut when I say the audio skips/cuts out you can check the video on my youtube channel, just add /TrickyFighter/videos after the dot com on youtubes main page. (It's the only video that I have up because I just made a brand new channel) Any and all help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance everyone.

    EDIT: The Audio was ecoded as an AAC LC HQ codec with a 128kbps bitrate and 44.1KHz stereo format. The entire video was output as an MP4 after it finished recording/exporting
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