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Thread: Plants vs Zombies (ShortFilm)

  1. Cool Plants vs Zombies (ShortFilm)

    So we decided to make a Plants vs Zombies video for YouTube. After many many hours of editing and VFX it's finally online!

    Thanks to everyone involved!!!

    Please SHARE / LIKE / COMMENT and share some more! I hope you all enjoy!

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    Actually quite funny but could have been cut tighter to increase the pace.

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    good for a giggle !
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    I bet you had a good time filming this!

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    Very good. I didn't think it was too slow apart from the final shot (before he raised the newspaper). The effects were fun - I like obviously animated characters (the plants) mixed with real environment and I think you did this very successfully. I particularly liked the plants bursting out of teh soul - a very natural soil effect (in fact had to pause the film to work out whether the soil "exploding" was real and only the plants were superimposed.). Less realistic were the blood splatters (as always) and least effective were the fire shots - particlarly the lighting of the cigar. Niot that that mattered. It was a fantastic little film in both senses of the word.

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