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Thread: VOB files and software

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    Default VOB files and software


    I hope that I am posting this to the correct board.

    I am new to PC editing but have been around linear editing for 10 + years on and off.

    My question is I have recently recorded some footage of an operation onto a DVD with a Panasonic DVD recorder (approx 1hour 45mins) and need to edit it down to a reasonable size/quality.

    The files on the DVD are VOB files, I have some basic video editing software (Magix videodeluxe 2) which seems pretty good but it will not import the VOB file, I think that this software is limited as per importing stuff.

    I am only looking for basic splice editing and no fancy transitions required, but I would like to add other basic things like fade to black, rolling titles etc etc. The footage has to be able to be edited on my laptop so I can take my ruff cuts to the surgeon envolved so he can extend/cut as necessary.

    I finally plan to output to DVD for patients.

    Both of my machines are running at least 2000Mhz and 512mb with firewire if needed, I was hoping that if I recorded directly onto DVD it would be easier for the transfer.

    What software would people recommend?



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    If you're going to edit, it's probably best to capture footage directly to PC. It would be logical to assume that recording to a DVD first would make the process of transfering easier - but technology being technology, it just adds another variable into the equation.

    Anyway, your first step would be to rip the VOB files to the hard drive. You can the use DVD2AVI to convert to AVI to edit in any application. There's a whole host of sites that deal with this... so it's just a matter of a google search for DVD2AVI.
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    Video Deluxe 2 should import VOB files. Occasionally it will not import the sound correctly, but mostly I have no problems.

    You could try renaming the VOB to MPG, or MPEG as that is essentially what a VOB file is.

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    Have a look at the Magix forums (from the Magix web site). I posted a conceptual idea how to add chapters to a series of VOB files without having to go through the reencoding process.

    See topic 'Adding Menus And Chapters To Already Made Dvd ' in this forum: MAGIX User Board -> English (United Kingdom) -> Questions about MAGIX programmes -> Video deLuxe 2.0

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    Thanks for the reply, I have actually tried DVD2AVI which has worked OK on the video but hasn't sorted out the audio, so I can now get the footage down on the timeline but with no audio.

    Thanks MRSMR2 iw will look onto the support board for Magix, and let you know wher i get too.

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    I have now tried everything that people have suggested.

    When I rename the VOB file to an Mpeg, i can see the footage in the video monitor but when i drag it to the time line it says that it is importing it at the top right of the screen, it then appears on the timeline and then just disappears completely.

    DVD2AVI has worked but still no sound, any suggestions?



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    James, if no-one gets back to you today, I'll have a look at this tonight - at work at the mo!
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    Thanks Marc

    I look forward to being able to use this package.



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    I have to admit that converting VOBs isn't my forte, and to be honest I'm a little hesitant to post the info here. Yer, yer, I'm a wuss. Anyway, rather than ask you what you're doing to find your problem, I've taken the wimps route and posted this link

    A cop out, I know...
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    I sometimes get this, but usually only lose a part of the video, not all.

    If you turn off the 'extract sound from videos' option in the Audio and Video Options, you should be able to get all the video on to the timeline.

    Then you'll need to use a tool to extract the sound from the MPEG/VOB file. Try PVAStrumento to demux the audo and video streams.

    Once you have a separate audio file, you can add it to the timeline.



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