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    Default How do I render 1080 50p Youtube clips in Sony vegas?

    I have recorded video at 1080 50p and when I render it in Sony Vegas (with an audio track) at the same rate, 20 minutes footage ends up at about 9gb. This is more than twice the size of the original footage, which is far to big for Youtube to play at the original quality; unless you have a 50mbs connection. When I render it at 25 fps I only get fraction of the definition; but 20 mins is then only 2gb for 20 minutes. Is there any way I can bounce the HQ render down to a reasonable size for Youtube without losing too much definition. ie bounce it down in Nero (or similar software) to Blu ray quality; where 20mins is going to be about 1-2 gb? Or is there a way to just render it so its roughly the same size as the source footage?
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    I just upload at the highest quality and let the user select from the list of options in the player the playback settings that work for them on their connection.

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