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Thread: How to rotate and straighten a video? Any tip please?

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    Question How to rotate and straighten a video? Any tip please?

    When a video clip is taken and my camera (SLR) is not exactly horizontal, the result is a video which appear askew, not in a level position.

    I was told that the programs that can rotate and straighten a bit the video (not just at 90/180 degrees) are very expensive but I can’t afford them.

    Is there any affordable or free software which can slightly rotate and straighten such a video?

    Thanks in advance foe any useful tip!

    MacOSX computer

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    Marina, there are powerful and quite cheap (50 us dollars) options for great editing softwares that will do what you need. Check Sony Movie Studio for example . And you can even download a trial version to work for a month and see if you like it. Many of us here work with the Sony editing tools, so you will get a lot of help too.

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    I can do that in Sony Vegas using the pan/crop function. Sony's entry level software, Movie Studio ($50US), can also do this and I'm sure most other NLE software can do the same. You do lose some of the image when you rotate.

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    Is there an echo in here.

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    I would also agree - except it doesn't run under OSX :(

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    Adobe Premiere Pro. here is the tutorial

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    If you are willing to use Linux then Openshot would be a free alternative.

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