When I try and add a clip to a track in Studio 16, it often feels as if there's an invisible hand on my mouse which pushes the clip away from the track I want to put it on and tries to force it to go somewhere else - anywhere apart from the place I want it to go. I've tried switching the 'magnet' function on and off, also tried using both insert and overwrite modes.

It can sometimes take me up to 30 seconds to make the clip go where I want it. It can 'bounce' up and down, sometimes trying to insert itself in the middle of another clip, or to settle on another track, before eventually, if I move the mouse VERY slowly and carefully, it MAY go on the track I simply wanted to drop it onto. It's very frustrating!

Does anyone else have this problem? And does anyone know how to cure it?


PS In many ways, Pinnacle Studio 16 is excellent. I've edited a number of pieces with it and would like to do more. But this is enough to manke me think seriously about looking for something better.