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    I often watch weather reports on BBC Television. For years, they appeared to be mastering the art of green (or blue) screen. The only fun was looking for the occasional green glow/fringe around the top of the forecaster's heads (made worse if the presenter moved forwards or backwards).
    Then, over a year ago, they changed to using a big TV screen behind the presenter. Now, the fun is to look for shadows being cast by the presenter.

    I like seeing the variety of strange graphics they use and how they mix it with the varied and emotional speeches from the presenters. Brits often complain about weather reports being incorrect. I believe the problem comes from the way it is presented. So, in the meantime, I shall just look for shadows.

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    For a good while there were very obvious lines making a large cross where four green panels had clearly been put together to make a larger green panel on the BBC weather presentations. i looked again recently and noticed they weren't there any more. I guess someone who needs to get a life even more than me actually phoned in about it.

    I see nothing wrong with shadows. it makes it as if they are really standing in front of the map. Added realism, if you like.

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