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Thread: What is this type of editing technique called?

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    Default What is this type of editing technique called?

    Hi guys,

    New here and beginner with editing. I'm wondering if you guys know what this editing technique called? It's rather simple but I want to master it and get it as accurate as possible. Here's an example:

    I have a friend standing in front of my camera. As he moves around within the shot, the scene changes from A to B. His movements, however, are still continuous. In other words, it seems like only the background/scene is changing, but my friend isn't.

    *Note: I can't use a green screen!!

    What is this editing technique called? I try to do it simply by filming and making sure my friend is "around" the same place/position in the shot so I can just cut/edit the clips later...but I find that this is really inaccurate and the result is always so jumpy and obvious. Can I use After Effects (the software that I have) to resolve this issue?

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    There are basically two methods. One is what you've tried, where you film your subject twice and try to match the position/cut etc. The difficulty with this is that the cut will be obvious unless you get the movement matching absolutely precise AND the lighting exactly the same.
    The other is where you shoot the subject once and the background twice. The normal way of doing this is with a green screen, but you still have to make sure the lighting is right (and "interior" lit subject will not look right against an "exterior" lit background). You say you can't use a green screen. Why not? Anyone can. It takes a certain amount of knowledge and patience to do it well, but to say you cannot is untrue. Perhaps you mean you don't have the facilities?

    Anyway, there are two other ways of achieving the green (or blue) screen effect. One is "difference masking". This requires you to have filmed the background without the subject and then with the subject. It requires exactly the same lighting. Anything where the pixels are identical are removed. The other way is where you "draw" a mask around the subject. This takes an awful lot of time. "Rotoscoping" is the search term.

    Good luck.

    I advise a green screen :(

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    Thanks a lot! I can't bring a green screen with me because it's a holiday video so it'd be impractical :/

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    A greenscreen can just be a green blanket.

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