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    This is my first time on here and I really hope i can find some help.

    I have found this video and I really want to know how to achieve similar results. It is basically using layered images using some green screen i think and putting them together. I think there are a few other techniques used. i thought i might try and work out each one, then try and copy and see if i can work out.

    Firstly, how was the video is shot and then how it is put together in post production. I know that this video used after effect which is what i have on my computer.

    Here is the link to the video

    and here is a link to the behind the scenes of the video, i think it helps to understand how it was shot, but not how it is put together in After Effects.

    I hope this makes sense and I hope someone can help!


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    Well....err.... the making of video was both interesting and informative and revealed pretty much everything.

    What part are you specifically struggling with?

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    Hey David thanks for getting back to me

    well with the bird with the pink string, how it the wire not seen, and how is the movement of the string done?
    also with the leaf being zipped into the purse, how are they compted together, i have no idea how to do this in after effects and i can not seem to find a tutorial relevant.
    I am trying to break down each scene, and then wanting to know how it the post production is done.

    I am not sure if this is the right vid to explain what i am getting at...

    Like in this video below,

    There is a who guy jumps through a square, and another shot of petals being thrown through the square, this is compted together and i don't know how.
    also there are ping pong balls being bounced individually then compt together in one scene

    and again like this video below, i understand the concept and how to shoot it, i just don't know how it is put together in post production...

    does that make sense?

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    OK - I'm about to run out the door, so will have to come back on the others, but the string growing / moving.....

    Get a shot of the string there and a shot of it not there. Create a mask that moves to hide the string (therefore shows the background through) and shrink the mask as you need to see the string grow, showing the string and not the backdrop. Notice they cut to a different shot when she's about to pull it so there's no need for masking.

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    Seems to be mainly stop trick for me.

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    stop trick? from the behind the scenes film it looks like everything is done real time…..

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    How would you see if the camera takes video footage or stills in the bts?

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    You could see lots of things being done in real time in the BTS - like them pulling the cloth or the lolly being moved in real time. They don't need stop motion for that. Other things may be stop motion. I'd have to look again but I'm busy editing today so may look again later.


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