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    Hi, i need to transfer my old video8 tapes onto DVD and I am keen to do some editing. After thinking (a lot) about the different methods, I reckon that a DVD recorder weould be the most flexible option. I guess that I can plug my camcorder into the DVD recorder, press record and hey presto!

    But if I want to edit the video afterwards, can i just put the DVD into my PC and start editing, or do I have to transfer from MPEG-2 to avi or DV or... and will I lose quality doing this? PLease help!!

    thanks Duncan

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    As I suggest in your previous post, you will need to convert to a less compressed format for editing if you're planning to edit with Premiere Elements.

    There are editing suites that enable MPEG editing (some with the help of a plugin), but it's never perfect. I would once again suggest you read the FAQ at

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    thanks for the advice, yeah I shoulda read the FAQ first

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    Can I just mention here that Liquid Edition 6 onwards will edit MPEG2 natively through using a patented method which I think has something to do with Long GOP. I think I once posted here somewhere how it could get round the traditional I-frame versus B-Frame editing issues. I can't remember now how it does it other than there is some way it actually creates the full frame when editing before (I think) converting it back.

    The result is that to my knowledge LE is the only editing package which allows full native MPEG2 editing and with no interframe restriction issues. Although I stand to be corrected on that last point.

    Um..just thought I'd mention it

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