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Thread: 24 Hours To Live - 5 Minute Short Film

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    Default 24 Hours To Live - 5 Minute Short Film

    I edited this film which by brother shot a few weeks ago. An experimental short film about a woman who only has 24 hours to live. Comments much appreciated. Thanks.

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    AN interesting idea and tratment but at the end it left me a bit flat. I didn't get an emotional attachment to the girl or any kind of emotional pull at all from the film which given the subject matter, that's what this film is all about.

    Sorry guys I liked some of the looks camera etc. but it just left me feeling flat.

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    I'm with MB on this one. Interesting idea, but flat. Nothing really happened to build empathy with any characters, not real emotion, no start middle and end. In the end it was a bunch of scenes edited together with no real narrative, no story to follow.

    However, looks like fun was had in the making of it - squirting stuff, pouring over heads etc, and that is as much what film making is about as whether other people like the results. If you're enjoying what you do then keep on doing it.

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    Call me a simpleton by all means, but could someone explain the plot?

    In the beginning we are presented with the question so we do not know in the opening shot of the threesome whether the protagonist has at that stage received the bad news. The three look happy enough together which is a clue that she has not. We do not know the relationship between the three. They might all just be friends. They might be siblings. They might be a combination. For some reason I'm unclear of I got the impression that the protagonist and the guy were an item.

    Then we cut to the protagonist being clearly upset. This confirms to me that in the previous scene she had not received the news and she is upset because she has now received it.

    This is apparently confirmed - she appears to be thinking through "What do I do now I've only 24 hours to live".
    Then she get a bit drunk and hangs out with a random guy (from their demeanour he appears to be a friend she new before - is he a boyfriend?) and does some silly things. Then some more silly things with another random guy. Then wrings out her wet dress (I certainly wouldn't bother with that if I has 24 hours to live).
    Then she goes all romantic with some other random guy. Is this her boyfriend? An old flame? Some bloke she's just picked up?
    Next she apparently has a reconciliation with someone, possibly, but not necessarily, her father. It certainly looks as if she has told him her bad news and he is comforting her.

    But then I get very confused as she seems to be told the bad news all over again.
    The film poses the question again and we get a bit of a recap of what we've just seen.

    Is that it? The end piece is just stating that what we've seen in the film is what the protagonist would do when she receives news she has 24 hours to live?
    Don't we already know that as the film asked that in the first frame and then we see her doing it?

    There must be more to it. Have I missed some signposts along the way?

    Speaking of signposts have I missed anything that indicates who the various people she interacts with are? It makes a big difference to how I feel about her if I know her relationship with them and can therefore gain some understanding as to why she acts in the way she does toward them.

    I applaud the idea of telling a story entirely through visuals - it's something I really want to do (but don't have the plot ideas for starters). The difficulty is getting across to the audience some of the things the cast, director and editor know. I think you "know" stuff here about the characters but we, the audience, don't and that is why we do not care about the protagonist.

    I may be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.

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    Tim, that was a great post. Thanks for that. It summed up much of what I was thinking but was a little shy to say

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    Thanks for the comments everyone. I am aware of some of the issues and what you say here has been noted!

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