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    OK so i am not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I'm 16 and thinking about college. My parents, family members, friends all suggested that I go for post production or photography but I'm really not that into photography enough to make it into a job. What id like to know is what are good suggestions of video to edit? ex:music videos, movies. I currently have only really ever done action sports editing and I'm not sure what non-action sports stuff might be interesting to edit. And I would prefer that there would be decent money made off of the editing. Let me know what you do or what you recommend!

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    I would recommend trying your hand at all types of editing. There is no decent money to be made from doing it unless you are classed as a top editor. It's the sort of job you do more for the love of doing it than making money from doing it. Music videos are always more fun to do as you are often less restricted by "rules" but you do need to learn the art of telling a story with whatever you do. This is more important than any fancy whistles and bells in the video.

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    Yeah i figured that there wasnt much money to be made. I purely do action sports filming/editing for the fun of it, but thats because i can stay up all night editing a video and I wont even realize that its morning. My summer project video you commented on is purely a product of me being addicted to editing and me being the only filmer/editor in my town so people kind of look forward to when i make a video

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