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    Default Talking about Fracking

    Filmed on Thursday finished on Sunday played on internet TV show on Monday. Rush rush rush. Constantly changing lighting , impossible to balance cameras etc.....

    What do you guys think.

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    I like it. Ive never been into TV broad cast type editing my self but this was very good!

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    Not too shabby at all!
    I was a little put off by the title "water expert" (rather unspecific), but then he immediately listed his credentials so a bit better. However, some actual names of companies he's worked for and some professional qualifications would have lent rather more credibly.
    However, he seemed level headed and sincere and what he said made sense.

    In many ways he underplayed it, talking of a potential risk (surely there is a risk or not) but then threw in a comment near the end about there being no economic benefits which just seemed to come from nowhere! Possibly I missed him arguing the case for the lack of economic benefits, if so, I apologise and please give me a timecode.

    The science bits were a bit dry, but necessarily so and well explained. i thought this was done well and the spelling out of the chemicals on the screen really helped stop it being all mumbo jumbo to me (I gave up chemistry after third form and I've always been more of a physicist). One of the most significant things I learned (as opposed to important things) is that the accepted spelling of sulphur has been sulfur since the early 1990s!

    The graphics were really good. Clearly explained the aquafer and the drilling and the quality matched the quality of the video. Not too amateur and yet not highly expensive looking Pixar quality animation.

    A couple of things detracted from the message (if the message was meant to be a considered, scolarly, not overreactionaly opinion) and those were (a) the shot of obviously foreign tankers - this made it look like a propaganda film using any old "scare" footage and (b) the shots of people at the end. They all looked like hippy, peace protesters - and this will turn off the audience you may have begun to attract with the apparently level-headed, "traditional" looking middle class "professional" who had filled the video. I know and you know that hippy looking peace protesters can be as well informed (often better informed) than industry professionals, but the fact is that the image they project to the majority is "lunatic fringe".

    From a technical point of view, you clearly had a problem with bright sunlight on the day (your garden's looking great BTW!) which you overcame with the use of a parasol, but that only covered part of your subject, leaving a bit of a distracting bright part away from him. It's a shame he didn't direct his comments more towards the camera as he looked, particularly early on, as if he was trying to remember a script.
    There were a few insects flying through the shot which I would have got rid of (duplicate the track, mask the insect, shift bu one frame)

    Nevertheless one of the best anti-fracking vids I've seen - I think you've done a good job.

    What I'd really like to see is a discussion between someone as apparently non reactionary as him and sn equivalent on the pro side.

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    Thanks guys. A really well balance crit. Tim. It's hard to get the industry guys to talk to us as we know what there clever "double speak" means. We will not frack does not mean fracking will not occur to usually means we will sell then info that we've got from the test drills to shell or BP or who ever so they can do the fracking. I even heard the CEO of the Crawberry Hill drilling site say that "we'll just be using 3 or 4 bath fulls of water during the mini fall off test". This is total bull but the public will buy it. It an info war in many respects. This is why I appreciate the comments about the photos I used at the end.

    My aim as I've already stated in the previous thread is to communicate to the average joe public as there is no point in preaching to the converted. so having the hippies at the end wasn't the best idea to achieve that. Even though I think I did a good job with the photos as a stand alone gallery. I've just got back from the camp tonight and I can say with hand on heart that I could only describe one of the people there as being a hippie the rest are actually more "normal" than I am but if you spend a few days camping we all turn a bit hippie looking.

    I wish I'd had the time to get better footage for the cut aways but I spent so much time on trying to balance the cameras in post (and failing) that I was too rushed to spend the time searching. Given the time I would have included a lot more cut aways, illustrations etc. Filmed on Thursday screened on Monday is really tight doing it part time and keeping the home life sweet.

    By the way the parasol was really a mic stand with a reflector clipped to it.

    Thanks for viewing guys.

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    Next time I go to UK I´ll drink only Coca-Cola....much safer than water I guess!

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    Good plan Tony but with a slight floor, you may actually find that Halliburton use Coca Cola as part of the secret formula in the fracking fluid.

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