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Thread: Short review of a camera light

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    Default Short review of a camera light

    I bought myself an camera light and made a short review video. If anybody is interested in the Yongnuo YN 160 LED light here is my video about it:

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    Looks like a handy light, but yeah, what's up with the no AC adaptor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSteve View Post
    what's up with the no AC adaptor?
    It means that you can only power it by battery. It will work for about three hours (depending on the batteries you use) but you don't have the option to plug it into a wall socket on a long day.

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    Whoops, sorry, was a poor attempt at humor on my part. Seems I'm always short a fresh battery and I thought that experience was universal.
    I do like the compact light though.
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    Maybe it was more poor sense of humor on my side as I have the tendency to take things more factual than they actually are

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    A great little promo! Maybe you should contact the makers and get paid for this Very worthy!
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    Actually it's not meant as a promo but as a help for others thinking about buying this light. I personally really mind the missing AC adapter but I am happy that you liked it

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    I liked it. no waffle. You could have gone into why one might use different filters, but i quite liked the way you stuck simply to what you have, not when you might use it.

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