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Thread: Jetski & Flyboard documenter

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    Thumbs up Jetski & Flyboard documenter

    Been doing documenter on this new sport: SeaYRs -1000 Saturdays 1000 Islands-Part 10-Flyboard

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    A few nice shots, but little more than a selection of shots of people enjoying themselves against a very welcoming (apart from the spiny urchins) background.
    If you want to create a documentary, whether one which might appeal to a specialist audience or a genral one, you need to give some indication of what is going on. Explain the sport. Explain the skills required. Explain how teh equipment works and where to get it. Explain a bit of history, where it started, where it is popular, where it is growing.
    All of this will help draw an audience in. A selection of pretty pictures, whilst nice for those involved, is unlikely to have a much wider appeal.

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