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Thread: PFTrack Tutorial (3D Camera Tracking)

  1. Red face PFTrack Tutorial (3D Camera Tracking)

    In this tutorial I show you how to use PFTrack.

    I go quite in depth as I show you how to use many of the different nodes in PFTrack. Starting with Image Manipulation (Adjusting your clip to get a better track) then how to get good User Tracks, how to clean Auto Tracks - and I show you an easy way to Orient your scene and then finally how to place Test Objects to confirm that your track is good!

    If you are interested in Match Moving, 3D Camera Tracking then definitely check this one out!

    Please consider subscribing if you would like to see more of these type of tutorials:

    Thanks for watching!

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    I don't dare watch for risk of feeeling compelled to shell out the 2000 PFTrack costs!

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