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Thread: ATVOD is it just internet censorship ?

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    Default ATVOD is it just internet censorship ?

    Has anyone come across this organisation ? It has started threatening some owners of YouTube channels (those of a political nature) saying that because their content is "television like" they should register with them. Some have refused to register and ATVOD have got heavy with them.

    Their website says:
    "ATVOD is the independent co-regulator for the editorial content of UK
    video on demand services that fall within the statutory definition of On-Demand
    Programme Services. ATVOD was previously known as The Association for Television

    UKColumn is an example of this heavy handed approach.

    Is your Youtube channel safe ?

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    AFAIK, the regs apply when a site operates from the UK, offers “TV-like programmes”, with someone with overall editorial responsibility for selecting and organising the content.
    If I am correct, then services where users upload their own content (e.g. YouTube) are not classed as video on demand.

    You say "threaten", I say "regulate".
    Here they are:
    Here's an overview:

    I think it is all pretty harmless. If the UK wishes to regulate TV services; then it would be absurd to remove all regulations just because it is being streamed off a website.

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    When the website affected happens to be Youtube then this could potentially affect a lot of people. When they try to enforce their ability to regulate on a Youtube channel then it is time to wonder if the ministry of information is beginning to formed, 1984 here we are. Is this the beginning of censoring the internet for political reasons ? That's what it looks like to me. If you look at the list of other enforcements it's just a load of porn sites but the UKClolumn is an alternative news site. This seems to me to be political censorship being done in the usual "stealth tax" way our government likes to do things when it doesn't want to be seen doing something.

    You should be worried about that. If you're not then you're not looking at it straight. IMHO.

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    ATVOD are making their own rules up as they go along about who they will regulate. Initially they were set up to regulate the video on demand platforms of mainstream media organisations like Sky and BBC. However, in their first 2 years of existence they had only received about 5 complaints about such services so they needed to find something to justify their existence. One way to do this is to say they are needed to stop children accessing so pornography so they are sponsoring research to demonstrate that there is a role for them there. Another tactic is to start harassing small site owners. Initially this was just pornography but now they are harassing people who do alternative news podcasts. They have stated that no broadcaster is too small to escape their remit so if you do a little podcast on for example DIY from your garage and put that up on Youtube they could clobber you for several thousands of pounds in regulatory fees. If you read Government policy on the Internet you will see that they want the Internet regulated in the same way as mainstream media. In fact they have mentioned the possibility of one regulator- so BBFC and ATVOD will both be vying to be that regulator.
    If people don't recognise what is going on and try to stop it then in a few years you will have to have a license to put anything up on the Internet in the UK. I am not exaggerating! You will also have anything you access from outside the UK monitored and censored. This is the direction of travel.

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    I knew you lot had to license your TV sets (that makes you tw@s I reckon) but this makes even less sense

    you should move to canada - north of 60 anything goes - the federal government sent a delegation up north a few years ago to try to clamp down on towns that were pirating US satellite signals and re-broadcasting them to their citizens - their experience was a very brief and unhappy one - the big joke was the news story where the federal minister was explaining to the first-nations population that they should be happy with Canadian TV stations because they showed great movies like "coal miner's daughter" - I hated that movie - f@&$ing Sally f&$)ing Fields - f?$&

    thats my two cents

    There is a great clip on YouTube that captures my personal opinion very nicely ...

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