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Thread: Smart phone video cameras all NTSC

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    Default Smart phone video cameras all NTSC

    As smart phone cameras are now becoming so good at capturing high quality video, it makes sense to use them to shoot video when a larger camera is not to hand.
    But i have noticed that ALL smart phone cameras are only NTSC which is 30 or 60 frames per second.
    I live in the UK and all my existing video hardware is PAL 25/50 fps, so if I bought a Smart phone, no matter how good the camera is, the finished video will look choppy if i converted it to PAL to mix with footage from my existing PAL cameras.

    This is in my opinion narrow mindedness on the Smartphone manufacturers part, especially now that the cameras are so good, that video enthusiasts are taking them on for shooting with, such as the Galaxy S5 or Sony Z2 etc.

    More than half the world use PAL or 25/50 frames per second in video, so i really can't understand why ALL smart phones are set for NTSC ???

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    You'll probably get your smart phone pretty soon, but you might have to learn Mandarin as well.

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    That is, that's just the way things are right now. I don't doubt someday there will be smartphones that do PAL video, but there might be unintended consequences.

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