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    Hi, I'm quite new to digital video and have flailed helplessly around some forums for a few hours!

    I have about 12 video8 tapes of home videos, and my camcorder broke. I would like to get all this footage onto my PC, edit it and make some DVD's. I will also buy a new camcorder soon. I am also moving to France in 10 days! It would be an added bonus if I could record tv onto my pc, but not essential.

    I think that I can borrow a video8 camcorder in France, and so was thinking of getting a DV bridge or TV capture card. TV capture cards are pretty cheap, and as my cassettes are only video8 quality would this be ok? I was thinking of plugging the RF out from the camcorder into the tv card and recording that like a video, then editing the file. I'm sure that there must be a catch in this method! AND will I have problems playing a uk video8 cassette (PAL I presume) in a French camcorder (SECAM I imagine). Or, do I need to get a proper DV bridge to get the average quality footage that I would like?

    If I get a DV bridge can I plug either my tv aerial, tv or vcr into it to record and pause live tv?

    Yeah I know I'm asking a lot....

    (I have a pretty decent pc, 1gb ram, 2400+, loads hard drive space, rubbish video card though only 64MB)

    if anyone can answer this I'd be very gratefull.

    Oh and I was gonna get a new JVC camcorder for 250 (cant remember the model no.) after seeing a good review but it doesnt have an analogue in, I was thinking that the extra money to get a camcorder with analogue in would be better spent on a DV bridge, but any suggestions welcomed,


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    Duncan duncan duncan, what are we gonna do with you??? - Right the French -i believe like us - are sympathetic to cross format changes if the hardware is relatively new. It could be a problem but give it a try.
    If buying a new camera go mini dv with firewire out.

    Dv bridge? - Yes that's the way to go!!
    With a dv bridge you can take from almost any domestic device. The bridge will have phono and s-video so it should be sweet. If you do get to borrow the camera plug it straight into the bridge.

    A 64mb gfx card will struggle with video - get yourself a fast one. There are some cheap 256mb cards out there going cheap as chips on ebay.

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    Is a simple tv capture card just rubbish quality then? I mean my videos are just simple home stuff done on a very old camcorder so the quality is not great already, and I thought that a tv capture card if it can capture from an aerial, why not an RF out from a camcorder. It would be a lot cheaper. But I would want to avoid pixelation etc... I s'pose thats why yor gonna tell me to get a DV bridge.

    And yes I think that PAL and secam only vary a little bit, I know that on VHS you can watch english titles in France fine, but French videos over here show in black and white, otherwise perfect.

    And (sorry to be a pain!) although my video card is pretty crappy, doesnt the processor do all the hard work when it comes to rendering a DVD, I will be watchingb the DVD's on my DVD player not the PC when they are finally finished.

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    You counld go the TV capture card but the signal will be poorer however if your original material is of low quality the edn product will be poor, You shouldn't suffer pixelation but you may get more static. If you're on a tight budget go the tv capture card way but if you can stretch it then a bridge will be better. I bought a dv bridge on ebay for 60, so if you hunt I'm sure you could find one also in that price range.

    With the GFX card - Yes your PC's processor and ram render the dvd however when you are editing your footage and building the dvd the gfx card builds the image on your screen so it may be a bit on the slow side. With what you have it can be done but as I said it will be slow and jerkey.

    Basically if you wanna do vidoe stuff on a PC spend as much as you can on your system to get it Speedy Gonzellez but if you cant be prepared to be patient.

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    Thanks for the advice. I have spent hours searching various forums etc since my first posting, and was thinking that a DVD recorder for my TV could be the best way to go (cant believe that I didnt think of this first!). Then I can plug my camcorder into the recorder, record all the footage to a dvd and then put the DVD into my pc to edit it. And after I've finished transfering everything I'll have something to record tv too.

    Sounds like the best plan, even if it is a little more expensive. Only thing is, can I edit on the pc from the MPEG-2 file that my DVD will contain. I havent settled on an editing program yet but adobe premire elements is high on my list,

    thanks for all your help


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    If you want to edit MPEG in Elements you will have to convert to DV first. Take a look at the FAQ:

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    Like anybody could care, but... I have a 32MB video card, and no problems editing video. So ner-ner-ni-ner-ner...
    Premiere Pro, Encore, Photoshop, Ulead VS6, WXP Pro, Core 2 Duo, 2GB, 2 x 250GB SATA3 drives, 2 x 250GB USB 2 external drive, DVD writer, GeForce 7300 GS 256MB

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