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Thread: how can i recreate this??

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    so my favorite editor (bmx) always uses this effect in his edits and i think it looks so cool. Problem is i know he uses final cut but i have windows so i know i cant even get the software. So my question is how is this made in final cut (so i can try to see if the same strategy can be used in vegas), is there a way to make this in vegas pro, or can you atleast provide a name for this preset/effect. Ive tried usng color bars with bad sync applied but the result is no where near this. thanks.
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    I thought MidnightBlue already helped you with this ? :

    Alternatively, get your friend to export some frames from FCPX so you can overlay them in Vegas.....

    At the end of the day, it's just noise I'm not a Vegas user so can't help with Vegas.

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    thanks, and he doesnt seem to understand. i used the picture i showed to overlay and just messed with bad sync and it works fine. I did get the idea that if i use tv simulator and put static to the max and enlarge detail all the way i could use that then turn the static and scanning to white with color corrector. not sure if it will work but worth a shot. Maybe Ill ask my friend to borrow his mac and try doing it myself.

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