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    Default Editing rig advice

    Hey guys, just thought I would pop on here and see if I could get some advice on a video editing rig I'm trying to put together!

    Here's what I'm going for so far:

    CPU - Intel i7 4770k quad-core 3.5 GHz
    RAM - 16GB Corsair DDR3
    HDD - Western Digital Red 1TB (x2)
    SSD - Crucial 240GB, 6GB/s
    GPU - ASUS Nvidia GTX650

    If I would be better changing some of the above, please let me know!

    The things I'm not so sure about:

    Motherboard - a fairly decent one of course, I'm guessing most come with built-in sound cards now?
    Power supply - would I be best to get a case + power supply + cooling unit?
    Monitor - A decent, not-too-expensive monitor would be nice too.

    Looking for this to come in and around 1000.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Pretty solid machine there Paul.

    I would definitely do cooling as that is a pretty tall machine.

    The only things I would bump would be the GTX650 and I have a strange attachment to the Samsung Pro SSDs.

    Just personal preferences though. Your build should be great!

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    Thanks for the reply, even though this was posted about a year ago! :P

    I eventually did get a Samsung SSD and am rocking a GTX 970 now.

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