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Thread: pan and crop / Fx effects window got STUCK!

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    Unhappy pan and crop / Fx effects window got STUCK!

    Hi there, I new to video editing, and right now I have a big problem that botters me really bad. As the title says, my pan and crop/ FX effects window got stuck on the left side, and I can't move it anymore. The only thing I cand do is to resize it, but it doesn't help me really much, cuz I stil don't see what I'm doing!
    Could someone give me a hand? Thank You!
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    You've managed to hide the title bar under the taskbar so you have nothing to grab.

    Option 1. Drag the tas bar to the bottom or side so you can se the title bar of the P&C window.

    Option2. Click anywhere in the P&C Window. Press Alt+Spacebar. Press "M". Use cursor keys.

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    Thank You very much! It worked with the first option. I am so glad!By the way, I am sorry for the double post, my bad.

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