I use VLC conversion program to convert my .mov file to a .ts file for playback into a Direct TV DRE system. I follow all the directions starting with clicking on file>open advanced file. In the 'open source'window' I select the file to be converted, then click on the box for streaming/saving. I then click on settings, and open the next window to choose where to save the .ts file, enter all the pertinent conversion parameters, then start the conversion. All is ok until the very end when I get this message:
Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 7.57.01 AM.jpg

No matter which choice I make, the program is frozen. The file has been created, and it looks OK, but I have to force quit the VLC program to get out of it. I am also having trouble seeing the file when I go to insert into the DRE system. Can anyone give me some guidance as to what is going on here. I edit my .mov as 1920x1080 ProRes 422LT on a MAC 27" using OSX v.10.93 suing FCP7